We live in a society where judging people start from a very young age and it becomes a part of our  day-to-day life. Breaking Prejudice wishes to break the stereotypical opinions we make about people based upon their appearances. The show captures how people interpret various individuals’ character solely based on their  physical characteristics. Stereotypes can be broken by making people aware of them. We are putting the same through by interacting with the people who make these prejudices and are a victim of the same. It aims for equality, abolishing prejudices and to accept people the way they are.


Reflection – While working for this project I have learnt what all really goes into producing a show. From pitching the initial idea followed by the storyboard to actually shooting and editing the final series there are numerous steps involved. Working step by step enhanced the quality of my work. I learnt how important It is to have proper equipments in order to make the shoot successful. The location, lighting and actors are a very important part and managing them along with keeping in mind the kind of angles we have to shoot from made me aware of the hard work that goes into making a single shoot successful.


TVC – Michael Kors

We have chosen the product ‘Michael Kors Colourful MK Logo Top Leather Satchel in Vanilla (YC594817)’. Taking the most prominent aspect of our product – color,our basic idea behind the TVC is to add color to your life.The TVC has a very happy and fun-loving mood and feel with one girlas the main lead.Throughout the advertisement, she is seen playing with her dog,getting ready for a dayout, adding a very chirpy vibe to the commercial.

Reflection – While working for this project I have learnt what all really goes into making a television commercial. From pitching the initial idea followed by the storyboard to actually shooting and editing the final commercial there are numerous steps involved. Working step by step enhanced the quality of my work. I learnt how important It is to have proper equipments in order to make the shoot successful. The location, lighting and actors are a very important part and managing them along with keeping in mind the kind of angles we have to shoot from made me aware of the hard work that goes into making even a single ad. While editing the TVC I used numerous softwares and learnt how to apply cinematic concepts in practical video production. Featuring a dog in our television commercial was rather challenging as it was not easy to shoot however I along with other team members managed fairly well and this made us aware of the importance of teamwork. I enjoyed working on this project, from pre- production, production to post-production the learning output has been great as it enabled me to create a viable TVC for the brand Michael Kors along with my team members.

Critique: Biographical Films (Genre)

Biographical films are the movies that are based on the real life of a human being that has inspired or has affected the society in a negative or a positive way. These movies are mostly correct about the life of a person and shows it in a movie through dramatization. The protagonist of the movie plays the character on whom the entire movie is based. These movies are based on the facts and events that have occurred in the life of that character. Most of the filmmakers add fictional scenes and parts as well because it helps them connect the theme of the story and make it more direct to the viewers. Movies of this genre are often acclaimed by people who are interested in that character. People find it one of the best ways to make people aware of the personality of that person. The movie will gather its audience depending on whom the character interested the most. The recent release of a biographical picture named, Ronaldo, which is based on the life of Cristiano Ronaldo gathered an audience of millions of his fans who are inspired by him. Although the ‘biopic’ of Gandhi or Lincoln has not necessarily gathered that much audience in our generation. However, these movies have been a very big tribute to the eminent personalities.


Gandhi was a movie based on the father of India, Mahatma Gandhi.

These movies are not as much as a task for the director as much as it is for the actor who is playing that character. Since the character is non fictional, most of the facts are already known to the audience. Hence what brings them to watch the movie is how close the actor has gone to resemble him. Many great actors like Ben Kingsley, Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey have gained respect because of their characters in their respective bio pic movies. Kingsley role in the movie Gandhi shocked many as he played the role of an Indian leader despite being born in Britain. The recent movie of Farhan Akhtar, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag drew a lot of comparison between him and Milkha Singh. The demand from the actor becomes a lot more and hence this genre is known to be one of the most difficult to perform. Similarly, Anthony Hopkins believed he shouldn’t have played the character in Nixon as he did not resemble him much. Bio pics are often very inspiring and have played a vital key to spread awareness amongst the audience.

1202021-the-social-networkBased on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, The Social Network was a super hit

If I had to choose my personal favourite biographical picture, then that would be the bio pic based on Bhagat Singh. The movie, Legend of Bhagat Singh which came out in the year 2002 by Raj Kumar Santoshi saw Ajay Devgn play the character of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh brilliantly. He fetched himself the national award for this role and was critically acclaimed for his role. The movie is about the struggle of Bhagat Singh and his Hindu Republican Army against the British rule. The movie created a sense of sacrifice and patriotism in the Indian society and inspired the young audience.

tlobs3Based on the life of Freedom fighter, Bhagat Singh

Critique: Thriller (Genre)

Thriller is a genre that has a lot of scenes of various emotions. Fear, excitement, mystery and sometimes horror. The movies of this genre is often appreciated by the audience that wants to watch something dark and serious. The nature of being serious and dark has often created a relationship of thriller and drama. Thriller movies are either based on real life incidents or mostly on fiction. The imagination of a director helps him create that seriousness and the use of dark shots and dim lights has always been helpful for that. The use of intense music with fast paced beats match to the build up of the scene. The greatest thriller movies have brilliant themes to it as well. Shot in dark alleys or within dim lights, the movies of this genre has always been appreciated around the world. The protagonist in thriller movies is often seen as the one chasing the leads given by the villain. The innocent is often seen dangling to the tune of the villain as most of the plot is driven by him.

yaabot_silence_of_lambsThe movie poster of classic thriller, The Silence of the lambs

Thriller movies had its first hit during the 1920’s through some brilliant work of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. In his third silent film, The Lodger (1923), Hitchcock showed some brilliant scenes which inflicted excitement and suspense. Post that, Alfred Hitchcock has been remembered as the man who gave a new sphere to thriller and his movies have been treated as classics. Thriller movies have also been subdivided into different categories. These categories within the genre can be of various types, be it Comedy thriller, Erotic thriller, Murder thriller, Horror thriller, Conspiracy thriller and various others. The reason for this subdivision is that as thriller movies portray different types of emotions in a single movie, the thrill has to be mixed with a few other genres to enhance the approach of the story as it progresses. For example, a comedy thriller is a movie that has comedy scenes along with a continuous plot of thriller which enhances the approach of the movie.

3491428_origA still from The Sixth Sense

If I had to choose my personal favourite thriller movie, then that would be Taken. Released in the year 2008 by Pierre Morel, the movie stars Liam Neeson as an ex CIA agent who tracks his kidnapped daughter from the streets of Paris. The movie had brilliant factual fiction that made the viewers believe what they were seeing. As Liam Neeson watches her daughter go to France with her college friend, he later realises the trouble he is in as his daughter is abducted from her hotel room. Neeson decides to take on the Albanian group which was into human trafficking. The movie has been acclaimed for its direction and its approach to making it one of the best thriller movies of the decade. The movie has had 2 sequels, although they did not do that well on the box office.

taken2Taken released in the year 2008

Critique: Horror (Genre)

The genre has always been a very selective one as people generally don’t want to watch it in order to avoid their fear. The thought of seeing something negative that might take away their sleep for days can be a genre that not much people would be fascinated about. Although, this is one of the most fascinating and imaginative genre. Directing a movie of this genre requires the filmmaker to bring in various aspects that would inflict fear, panic and a terrifying experience for the viewers. Many movies which were brilliantly directed have always been a reason for fear amongst movie lovers. Movies like Exorcist, Psycho, Grudge, The Ring and The Conjuring has been widely appreciated for terrifying millions of viewers around the world. To instill fear in one person’s mind through a movie requires a good sense of imagination.

This genre was first brought into light during the late 1890’s. Filmmaker Georges Melies potrayed the first depiction of supernatural elements in his silent movies. The most famous amongst them being Le Manoir Du Diable. Though the word “horror” to describe the film genre would not be used until the 1930s, after Universal Pictures released Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931), Hollywood dramas often used horror themes. The trend of inserting Macabre went on till the 1920’s and filmmakers made good use of it. Often termed as unsettling movies, the term horror was often seen as a thrilling and dread movie. Directors used various sorts of music to add the emotion the scenes that was very often potrayed in silence. The music would create an aura of fear and the sudden drop of its intensity was seen as something which triggered the feeling of fear. Hence, music became an important part of the horror movies from the 1930’s. One can never forget the theme of the classic movie, Psycho. Listening to that tune while taking a shower often gave people a shiver.

insidious2An image from the movie, Insidious

I have seen a lot of horror movies and have been frightened by most of them. Although if I had to talk about my personal favourites, then it would be difficult for me to choose one of them. Insidious, directed by James Wan would be one of my favorite movie. The use of dark shots, classic horror themes, a gramophone, and the camera work has created a mixture of perfect horror scenes that would be any day be termed as horror by any of its viewer. The movie is based on the concept of sleep traveling and shows how a man has seen the dead in his dream and is unable to get back to the real world. Fighting for his soul, the child finds his way back. My favorite would be another James Wan movie, The Conjuring. Based on true events, the movies is about the house that was haunted and it took over anyone who tried to occupy her land. The movie used classic music, scary children and an even more scarier basement. The movie is probably one of the best horror flicks I have ever seen.

insidious1The poster of the movie, Insidious 

Birdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)

(Camera Work)


Image Source:



Main cast:

Riggan: Michael Keaton

Sam: Emma Stone

Jake: Zach Galifianakis

Lesley: Naomi Watts

Mike: Edward Norton

A very smartly directed movie, Birdman tries to make an attempt at a one shot movie and it perfectly works out as the seamless stitching makes all the shots so perfectly synced that the cuts are not observes until one pays total concentration only on noticing it. The cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, who won the Oscar for this movie, showed how talented he is as the movie was shot in 30 days in the spring of April 2013. The movie shot in the theatre of New York street 44, shows the story of an actor who tries to battle his ego as his character overtakes the fame he should have actually got as an actor. Michael Keaton plays the character of Riggan who was once playing the character of superhero Birdman and then moves out of his way to prove out to the world that he is a naturally talented actor, director and writer. Nothing goes his way, as Mike, played by Edward Norton steals the show and also flirts around with Keaton’s daughter in the movie makes the battle with ego even more difficult. The movie is ended with Keaton realizing his value and talent and gives up his ego to win back his family, career and himself. The movie won an Oscar for its camerawork which becomes the second Oscar for Lubezki, as he had won already for Gravity the previous year.


Image Source:–bgRM&ei=PyMjVcmmKY–uASwpYC4CQ&tbm=isch&ved=0CEMQMygTMBM


Image Source:

The movie starts of with a birdman falling from the sky to the ground in the form of fire. The movie then moves out to Keaton practicing his strengths alone in a room and then it becomes difficult to find out a cut in the movie. The camera moves continuously from the first floor, which is the green room to the stage of the Broadway theatre. The scene was never broken as the continuous movement by all the actors from one part of the area to the other led the camera to move around freely. Of course the credit goes to the smart direction of keeping up with the pace and motives of every scene and not one exit which was followed by the camera moving out to the other space without the cut seemed unnecessary. The scene when Keaton broke the flower vase on the wall was immediately transferred to the press conference which was a very beautiful transition from one scene to the other without a cut. The movie was mostly filmed on a mazelike set, with additional location work at Broadway’s St. James Theatre. Lubezki stated in many interviews that lighting each scene was the most difficult trick and he gave kudos to his lights team for the tremendous effort. In order to achieve the look, the cast underwent shots that took anywhere from seven to ten minutes to the film.


Image Source:


Image Source:


Image Source:

Personally, my favorite scene in the movie was when Riggan was walking down the street and the birdman was walking right behind him which was his ego. The intelligent dialogues where clearly indicating to the audience and the moment you realize it’s you being spoken of, the camera moves extremely fast taking different angles, and clearly no cut, starts getting in action effects which suddenly breaks the build up and gets you back to the movie right at the moment you break apart from it. Very smartly directed and very amazingly pulled off by Lubezki, the movie defines how important the camera work is in a movie and the role of a perfect cinematographer and an intelligent director, can bring you a couple of Oscars.

Official Trailer:


The Conjuring

(Sound Design)


Image Source:




Main cast:

Ed Warren: Patrick Wilson

Lorraine Warren: Vera Farmiga

Carolyn Perron: Lili Taylor

Roger Perron: Ron Livingston

Andrea: Shanley Caswell

Nancy: Hayley McFarland

Christine: Joey King

Cindy: Mackenzie Foy

April: Kyla Deaver

The Conjuring was undoubtedly one of the scariest movies of the year 2013. Directed by James Wan and written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes, the movie revolves around the mystery of a dark presence in the farmhouse of the Perron family. Based on true events, the movie sees Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga playing the role of the Ed and Lorraine Warren, who play the real life character of both the demonologists. The story which was beautifully synchronized with backwards tracking shots and ventriloquist dolls, which are the trade mark of a James Wan movie, is made even more powerful with amazing acting and fine sound effects. The farmhouse is shown as a stereotype countryside farm with a nice lake around it and too much greenery. The kids feel the presence of a dark entity around it and so do the audience watching feel it once the sound effect is come into perfect use. When the third youngest daughter, Christine, gets pulled off the bed, the silence created for mere six to seven seconds was broken by heavy vibration around the theatre and it was followed by the door getting banged. It was very commonly heard of as the scariest scene to give you Goosebumps. And if the scene is imagined without the vibration, the door bang and the silence would have been totally incomplete and the impact it left on the viewers wouldn’t have been as hard and harsh as it was with vibration.


Image Source:

Still 7 from The Conjuring

Image Source:–/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2013/4/11/1365696102438/Still-7-from-The-Conjurin-008.jpg

Sound has been an important aspect of this movie. Be it the soundtracks being played during the scenes, the radio were used beautifully and so was the sound of the not working TV before the thumping of the doors. While shifting into the house a very different kind of sound and soundtrack was used. The usually dull background tune was for few minutes replaced by wind chimes and the soundtrack was a pretty loved pop song. When Carolyn, the possessed mother, believes that someone is in the cellar, she decides to go down. The slipping from the stairs leads to her banging her head on the piano and the moment the lights go off, the sound of the piano is used perfectly to insure that people know there is an evil entity around. The evil soul was related to the sound of door thumping and piano, whereas, when Annabelle and Rory, to different spirits where brought into the story, the use of the toy which played music after the set the timer was used very perfectly. The tune still haunts me and it was also broken by a thunderous effect which ended the build up and started the scene which was feared in many people’s dream. A very smartly directed scene, and to say, my favorite scene in terms of use of sound was when the exorcism of Carolyn was about to take place. As the priest couldn’t make it, it was Ed who had to do the exorcism else they would lose Carolyn forever. Ed, who was neither experience nor baptized to do the exorcism, decides to do it. Right before he says, “I’ll do it”, a small focus was shifted on Ed’s expression and all the sound of the movement and screams were covered by a small heartbeat which of Ed’s. The sound of the heartbeat showed nervousness as well as it created a moment of bravery which led to the happy ending of the movie. The use of the heartbeat, although was followed by silence which was broken by simple bass whenever Carolyn’s head moved.


Image Source:


Image Source:

The movie was brilliantly directed although if I had the camera in my hand and could also manage the sound for a scene, I would choose to bring in more silence in the initial scenes where the Annabelle doll was haunting the nurses who later committed suicide. The scene had brilliant sound effects of knocking and cribbing of crayons against the wall, although the scene could be ended in silence rather than the loud ending it had because of the soundtrack it followed in the background. The amazing horror flick is undoubtedly one of the scariest movies of all time, but the credit should definitely go to the sound effects used in the movie as it adds perfect feel to it.

Best scenes from Conjuring by Tinytv:
Official Trailer:
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