TVC – Michael Kors

We have chosen the product ‘Michael Kors Colourful MK Logo Top Leather Satchel in Vanilla (YC594817)’. Taking the most prominent aspect of our product – color,our basic idea behind the TVC is to add color to your life.The TVC has a very happy and fun-loving mood and feel with one girlas the main lead.Throughout the advertisement, she is seen playing with her dog,getting ready for a dayout, adding a very chirpy vibe to the commercial.

Reflection – While working for this project I have learnt what all really goes into making a television commercial. From pitching the initial idea followed by the storyboard to actually shooting and editing the final commercial there are numerous steps involved. Working step by step enhanced the quality of my work. I learnt how important It is to have proper equipments in order to make the shoot successful. The location, lighting and actors are a very important part and managing them along with keeping in mind the kind of angles we have to shoot from made me aware of the hard work that goes into making even a single ad. While editing the TVC I used numerous softwares and learnt how to apply cinematic concepts in practical video production. Featuring a dog in our television commercial was rather challenging as it was not easy to shoot however I along with other team members managed fairly well and this made us aware of the importance of teamwork. I enjoyed working on this project, from pre- production, production to post-production the learning output has been great as it enabled me to create a viable TVC for the brand Michael Kors along with my team members.


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