We live in a society where judging people start from a very young age and it becomes a part of our  day-to-day life. Breaking Prejudice wishes to break the stereotypical opinions we make about people based upon their appearances. The show captures how people interpret various individuals’ character solely based on their  physical characteristics. Stereotypes can be broken by making people aware of them. We are putting the same through by interacting with the people who make these prejudices and are a victim of the same. It aims for equality, abolishing prejudices and to accept people the way they are.


Reflection – While working for this project I have learnt what all really goes into producing a show. From pitching the initial idea followed by the storyboard to actually shooting and editing the final series there are numerous steps involved. Working step by step enhanced the quality of my work. I learnt how important It is to have proper equipments in order to make the shoot successful. The location, lighting and actors are a very important part and managing them along with keeping in mind the kind of angles we have to shoot from made me aware of the hard work that goes into making a single shoot successful.


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