Critique: Thriller (Genre)

Thriller is a genre that has a lot of scenes of various emotions. Fear, excitement, mystery and sometimes horror. The movies of this genre is often appreciated by the audience that wants to watch something dark and serious. The nature of being serious and dark has often created a relationship of thriller and drama. Thriller movies are either based on real life incidents or mostly on fiction. The imagination of a director helps him create that seriousness and the use of dark shots and dim lights has always been helpful for that. The use of intense music with fast paced beats match to the build up of the scene. The greatest thriller movies have brilliant themes to it as well. Shot in dark alleys or within dim lights, the movies of this genre has always been appreciated around the world. The protagonist in thriller movies is often seen as the one chasing the leads given by the villain. The innocent is often seen dangling to the tune of the villain as most of the plot is driven by him.

yaabot_silence_of_lambsThe movie poster of classic thriller, The Silence of the lambs

Thriller movies had its first hit during the 1920’s through some brilliant work of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. In his third silent film, The Lodger (1923), Hitchcock showed some brilliant scenes which inflicted excitement and suspense. Post that, Alfred Hitchcock has been remembered as the man who gave a new sphere to thriller and his movies have been treated as classics. Thriller movies have also been subdivided into different categories. These categories within the genre can be of various types, be it Comedy thriller, Erotic thriller, Murder thriller, Horror thriller, Conspiracy thriller and various others. The reason for this subdivision is that as thriller movies portray different types of emotions in a single movie, the thrill has to be mixed with a few other genres to enhance the approach of the story as it progresses. For example, a comedy thriller is a movie that has comedy scenes along with a continuous plot of thriller which enhances the approach of the movie.

3491428_origA still from The Sixth Sense

If I had to choose my personal favourite thriller movie, then that would be Taken. Released in the year 2008 by Pierre Morel, the movie stars Liam Neeson as an ex CIA agent who tracks his kidnapped daughter from the streets of Paris. The movie had brilliant factual fiction that made the viewers believe what they were seeing. As Liam Neeson watches her daughter go to France with her college friend, he later realises the trouble he is in as his daughter is abducted from her hotel room. Neeson decides to take on the Albanian group which was into human trafficking. The movie has been acclaimed for its direction and its approach to making it one of the best thriller movies of the decade. The movie has had 2 sequels, although they did not do that well on the box office.

taken2Taken released in the year 2008


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