Critique: Horror (Genre)

The genre has always been a very selective one as people generally don’t want to watch it in order to avoid their fear. The thought of seeing something negative that might take away their sleep for days can be a genre that not much people would be fascinated about. Although, this is one of the most fascinating and imaginative genre. Directing a movie of this genre requires the filmmaker to bring in various aspects that would inflict fear, panic and a terrifying experience for the viewers. Many movies which were brilliantly directed have always been a reason for fear amongst movie lovers. Movies like Exorcist, Psycho, Grudge, The Ring and The Conjuring has been widely appreciated for terrifying millions of viewers around the world. To instill fear in one person’s mind through a movie requires a good sense of imagination.

This genre was first brought into light during the late 1890’s. Filmmaker Georges Melies potrayed the first depiction of supernatural elements in his silent movies. The most famous amongst them being Le Manoir Du Diable. Though the word “horror” to describe the film genre would not be used until the 1930s, after Universal Pictures released Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931), Hollywood dramas often used horror themes. The trend of inserting Macabre went on till the 1920’s and filmmakers made good use of it. Often termed as unsettling movies, the term horror was often seen as a thrilling and dread movie. Directors used various sorts of music to add the emotion the scenes that was very often potrayed in silence. The music would create an aura of fear and the sudden drop of its intensity was seen as something which triggered the feeling of fear. Hence, music became an important part of the horror movies from the 1930’s. One can never forget the theme of the classic movie, Psycho. Listening to that tune while taking a shower often gave people a shiver.

insidious2An image from the movie, Insidious

I have seen a lot of horror movies and have been frightened by most of them. Although if I had to talk about my personal favourites, then it would be difficult for me to choose one of them. Insidious, directed by James Wan would be one of my favorite movie. The use of dark shots, classic horror themes, a gramophone, and the camera work has created a mixture of perfect horror scenes that would be any day be termed as horror by any of its viewer. The movie is based on the concept of sleep traveling and shows how a man has seen the dead in his dream and is unable to get back to the real world. Fighting for his soul, the child finds his way back. My favorite would be another James Wan movie, The Conjuring. Based on true events, the movies is about the house that was haunted and it took over anyone who tried to occupy her land. The movie used classic music, scary children and an even more scarier basement. The movie is probably one of the best horror flicks I have ever seen.

insidious1The poster of the movie, InsidiousĀ 


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